Hello, my name is Jill. This is a secondary blog for the one and only Chris Hemsworth. I hope you enjoy! Thank you!.
  • Those are the terms.
    Blackhat | Michael Mann, 2015

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  • thirdhemsworth:

    Young Liam and Chris

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  • "I remember you celebrated the battle of Haragon so much that you nearly started a second."

    "Well, the first was so much fun."

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  • gif meme | takemetothedungeons requested: thor + 14 (body parts)

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  • “I’ve faced the quakes, the wind, the fire
    I’ve conquered country, crown, and throne
    Why can’t I cross this river?”
    Thor fighting for izazov

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  • blackhat [link]

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  • Chris Hemsworth attends Sunrise in Melbourne.

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